Purchase Payment Timeline

Buildings Under Construction (BUC) Payment Timeline

Purchase TimelineDescriptionPayment
Day 1Day 1 Signing of Option to Purchase (hereinafter called “OTP”) upon received of booking fee.5% booking fee
Day 1 + Within 2 Weeks**Sales & Purchase Agreement (hereinafter called “S&P”) will be sent to Purchaser’s appointed law firm or to Purchase if no law firm had been appointment.NA.
Within 3 Weeks from receiving of S&P**Purchaser to sign the S&P at the appointed law firm and prepare payment of Buyer’s Stamp Duty (hereinafter called “BSD”) and Additional Buyer Stamp Duty Fee (Hereinafter called “ABSD”), if applicable. Law firm will receive a signed copy from Developer within 2 weeks.NA.
Within 2 Weeks from signing of S&P**Purchaser to pay BSD and ABSD (if applicable) within 2 weeks from signing of S&P.If Purchase Price is $1 million or less
BSD [(3% * Purchase Price) – $5,400] + ABSD (if applicable)

If Purchase Price is $1 million or more
BSD [(4% * Purchase Price) – $15,400] + ABSD (if applicable)
On the 8th Week from Day 1Purchaser to pay remaining 15% down payment + further Progressive Payment (if applicable)15% + Further Progressive Payment (if applicable)

** This timeline can be EARLIER than stated. However, the Completion Date for the whole process is EIGHT (8) weeks from OTP date and not S&P date. Any delay must be requested in writing to the Developer and is subject to approval by the Developer.

In the event that the buyer(s) did not exercise the S&P at the law firm within 3 weeks, the developer shall entitle to forfeit 25% of the booking fee, which is equivalent to 1.25% of the purchase price. The remaining 75% of booking fee shall be refunded to the buyer(s).

Example: Assuming the purchase price is $1,000,000.

  • 5% of Purchase Price = $50,000
  • Forfeiture amount = $12,500
  • Refund amount = $37,500

Thereafter, the developer is entitled to sell the unit to any interested party either on balloting basis on first-come-first-serve basis.

The further progressive payment depends on the stage of the construction of the project. Please refer to “Payment Scheme” to find out more.

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